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Cannon Feeder



“The Cannon Feeder is one of those products that when you look at it you’ll say, why hasn’t someone come up with that before. It is unique and has a place in managing for wildlife due to it’s unique design.”
– Keith Warren
Host/Executive Producer "The High Road Group”

This is going to replace the standard spinner feeder. No more coons pulling wires out of solar panel. No more bent shafts from cows or coons. 2 1/4 pounds of feed (Got BigTine in mine) every time. Puts the feed where you want and the animals aren't nervous of a big box over their heads.


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#ontargetfeeding #nomorespinners


- Lloyd McCoy, Final Pursuit TV


GREAT feeder! Have now had one for several months, no complaints. Has been below freezing here in Central Texas for 48 hours (currently 12 degrees at 7:50am 1/07/17) and working well. Love the "PPPPSSSTTTTT" sound it makes going off. And truly love the fact there is no reason to 'coon proof' this feeder as they can't get into it!!! And easy to fill to boot. Yeah Team Cannon!

- Judy Bishop Jurek

After a recent trip to our deer lease everyone was questioning me about the new Cannon Feeder that I purchased last year. Everyone there spent time working on their feeders. Motors were gummed up with corn dust and had to be repaired, solar panels had to be cleaned from corn dust, and feeders had to be moved because the wild hogs had made such a mess underneath their feeders. Everyone complained about having to carry corn up steps to fill their feeders. I had no repairs, did not have to move my feeders, and loaded my feeders from the ground. With my busy schedule I do not have time to constantly run to the deer lease to fix feeders. It is great to know that when I get there all is well. Thanks for an innovative and great product!

- Bruce Krauskopf

Just want to thank you again for designing my favorite part of hunting season- filling the Cannon Feeder with corn!!! I get to (SAFELY) sit in the Polaris for the 5 minutes it takes the husband to open the corn sacks!!! NO more standing in the tractor bucket or hoisting a barrel up and down a pulley line. No more spending hours trying to get wasp nests out of the “spinner” , or buying $$$ of new batteries, etc! It’s been 5+ years since we bought the Cannon Feeder and it still works perfect!!!! (even survived Hurricane Harvey in Refugio without a glitch!!). GOD BLESS!!!”

- Sue Holton, Bay City, TX

We have been extremely pleased with our Cannon Feeder, then only thing better than the feeder are the folks who back it! After a flood and slight mishap causing the feeder to become submerged, Linda and Denton went above and beyond to get our feeder up and going. We couldn't be happier with this product.


- Brandon Garrett

  • I have a medium Cannon Feeder and it throws 33 steps away.

  • The feeder can be hidden out of the way and see only the feed area. - Pretty cool advantage!

  • Solid, sturdy design and appearance. Very low suppressed sound almost unnoticeable!

  • Great inner design system with timer, battery, compressor and more...

  • A fun and different way to feed and watch wildlife!

  • Feed use is regulated. Lasts a longer time between fillings!

  • Very easy to set up and use!


Skooter Halamicek

Rows of Texas Vendor; Warrenton, TX

Linda my feeder is doing great. Didn’t get any bucks this year. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been not worrying about the feeder working, the battery staying charged, and how great it is filling the feeder every three months or so. I’m hoping to buy another one this year to put in my other hunting spot. I got a doe from the feeder, and I shot a nice 10 buck in Kansas so I did get deer meat. I hunt on our land in Hallettsville with your feeder. I also have a place near Bastrop that I hunt. I might be getting a feeder for that place this year!


- Lonny Montgomery

We are so excited about our Cannon Feeder. For the last several years we have tried to find a Fish feeder that the raccoons could not empty out and we've finally found one. We have GREAT satisfaction seeing the muddy little paw prints all over the side of the feeder knowing that they can't get to the food. It was very easy to set up and is a true load it and leave it system. Thanks Cannon Feeder.


- Paul and Kathy Gross, Grapeland, Texas

Works great! I bought it at the Texas Trophy Hunter Show.


- David Shires

Brilliant!! No more freeloaders hanging out underneath the feeder. Better yet, no more damage to feeders.


- Donnie Bosarge



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