Cannon Feeder is the FIRST and ONLY pneumatic feeder in the Hunting and Fishing industry. 

A Review From Ben Koerth -


"Like me, the first time you see this feeder in action you will know this design is something new. After several years of using these feeders I can attest they are 100% resistant to coons, squirrels and the myriad of other pests that steal corn from traditional spin feeders. Gone is the mud hole too often seen underneath corn feeders.

It is a true directional feeder putting all of the corn where you want it to be. Because the corn is spread well away from the feeder, photographs are better and you never have to wait for an animal to clear the feeder legs before getting a shot with bow or gun.


Animals wary of spin feeders seem to use these easily because they can stay far away from the feeder itself.

If a feeder pen is necessary to control feral hogs or other animals this feeder can be placed outside of the pen making it much easier to check and refill when necessary.

The low stand and fill design makes it a breeze to fill. Another perhaps intangible benefit is the feeder controls are sealed in a separate compartment. After several years the control compartment looks just the same as the day it arrived. No dust, wasps, spiders or cobwebs to fight through and not a single malfunction."

Cannon Angled Zoom.jpg
  • 20 Watt solar panel with 12V system, battery included.

  • Fill from the ground.

  • Mix variety of feeds.

  • Delivers consistent amount of feed up to 50 YARDS away.

  • Easy to set up!

  • Varmint proof - completely enclosed construction.

  • No muddy mess under feeder.

Available in 3 sizes




  • Holds 150 lb. of feed (corn).

  • Dispenses just under 1 lb per feeding.

  • Shoots up to 25 YARDS.

  • Optional skid available.

  • Holds 250 up to 500* lbs. of feed (corn).

  • Dispenses 1 lb per feeding.

  • Shoots up to 35 YARDS.

  • Optional skid and extension available.

  • Holds 700 up to 1200* lbs. of feed (corn).

  • Dispenses 2 lbs. per feeding.

  • Shoots up to 45 YARDS.

  • Optional skid and extension available

*With optional extension and weight based on corn feed.


Wildlife feeders

Engineered to revolutionize and simplify the way you feed game.


aquatic feeders

Perfect for shooting feed into those hard to reach pond areas.

optional Accessories


  • Available for the medium and large feeders.

  • Allows additional feed capacity.


  • Available for small, medium and large feeders.

  • Allows for easy movement of your feeder.